Presentation of Outcomes

tl;dr; Outcomes of the self directed project will be presented and demonstrated to invited guests in lieu of a final exam.

Final Presentation and Demonstration

The final project will culminate with an open review where each group will have an opportunity to present and demonstrate their final project. The review will be an open exhibition of outcomes to audiences within IDeATe and invited guests.

Each group will:

  • set up a public presentation of their outcomes in a gallery format
  • provide a live-demonstration of their working prototype(s) and other outcomes
  • engage in a dialog about their work with guests.

Invited guests will provide feedback and discussion on your work.

Learning Objective

As part of the exercise, students will:

  • learn to communicate their ideas for responsive mobile experiences;
  • gain hands on experience in demonstrating connected experiences with hands-on prototypes; and
  • participate in a discussion with experts to get feedback and insight on their projects;


  • A well-realized conceptual design and supporting materials that illustrates a prospective scenario for responsive mobile environments
  • At least one technical or interactive prototype that includes software (code), hardware and electronics elements.
  • A 2-minute video that provides a supporting vignette of the scenario


Grading is per creative projects.

A note on feedback: Discussion with the invited guests should be incorporated into your final documentation. Appropriate revision should be made to account for their suggestions and feedback (where appropriate.)